Commandr™ 20

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20 Watt Portable Solar Panel


POWERFUL: The Commandr™ 20 is a 20 watt lightweight flexible solar panel, designed to power medium and small electronics, such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, and our Generatr™ 100 & 1200 solar generators.
LIGHTWEIGHT: Patented solar on plastic CIGS thin film solar technology makes the Commandr™ 20 light & flexible, weighing only 1.6 lbs, making it perfect for camping, emergency preparedness and disaster relief operations.
RUGGED: Water resistant & designed for the harshest conditions, the EnerPlex® Commandr™ 20 is extremely durable and can withstand shocks, drops and minor punctures.*
Made in the USA: Leading, American manufactured solar technology you can trust. Engineered and 100% made in Thornton, Colorado.
AWARD-WINNING solar technology: One of TIME Magazine's Top 50 Inventions.
COLLECT IT & STORE IT: Pairs perfectly with the EnerPlex® Generatr™  series of solar generators to create a complete solar powered energy & power storage solution.
  *Long term use not recommended after punture of solar product

Product Dimensions: Product Open: 51 x 14.5 x 0.75 in (129.2 x 37.0 x 0.2 cm / Product Closed: 10 x 14.5 x 1 in (25.4 x 37.0 x 2.5 cm) (LxWxH)

Additional Information:User manuals, data sheets, and other supporting documents can be found in the 'Downloads and Support Tab'
Power:20 Watt
Solar Cell Type:CIGS
Output:Cable (7.4 x 5.08mm Tip with Center Pin)
Power Output:(Not specified)
Warranty:1 Year

The EnerPlex® Commandr™ series of flexible high-power solar panels is our most powerful series of solar chargers. Where the Kickr™ series of solar chargers uses a USB output to charge devices, the Commandr™ panels are specifically designed to be paired with our Generatr™ series of solar generators. The Commandr™ 20, with a power output of 20 watts, is best paired with the Generatr™ 100, a high capacity battery of 94 Whr, but can also charge a variety of 12V, 19V and USB-enabled devices using the Commandr™ Regulator Kit*, our power converter box. Other brands of solar panels are placed on a glass backing, such as monocrystalline. This makes the unit extremely heavy, rigid, and fragile. In comparison, Ascent Solar®, the manufacturer of EnerPlex® solar panels, uses patented CIGS solar technology made in the USA to place solar on a plastic backing, allowing our solar products to be flexible, durable & lightweight.
The Commandr™ 20 can easily be folded up to be taken anywhere where power is needed. 

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