Broccoli Rotini & Cheese by Simple Kitchen

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Pouches of Simple Kitchen's 4 serving gluten-free broccoli rotini
and cheese made with green lentils.


16 grams of protein
7 grams of fiber
4 Servings Per Pouch
320 Calories Per Pouch
11.4 oz Net Weight Per Pouch
1 Year Shelf Life
Gluten Free
Made in the USA

No fake flavors or preservatives.

Simple Kitchen entrees have been designed to be used in your everyday emergency.
Sometimes emergencies only last a day or two, and if they are only that long you may not want to dip into your long term food storage.

Simple Kitchen entrees are great tasting meals that can be prepared in a pinch.
Whether you are experiencing a crisis or just running a little behind schedule and need to prepare a quick dinner, Simple Kitchen entrees are delicious meals for the whole family to enjoy.

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