72 Hour 4-Person Emergency Food Supply Kit

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The Augason Farms 72-Hour 4-Person Emergency Food Emergency Supply Pail includes 7 meal varieties totaling 176 servings and 26,440 calories.  At an average of 2,203 calories per person, per day, this is ample calories to feed 4 people for 3 days (or, alternatively, feed 1 person for 12 days).  All food is packaged in individual pouches and sealed in an easy-to-transport pail. Just add water and cook.

Includes                                                            # Pouches         Servings
Cheesy Broccoli Rice                                        2                      16 total
Hearty Vegetable Chicken Soup                      2                      16 total
Creamy Potato Soup                                          3                      24 total
Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal                           2                      20 total
Instant Potatoes                                                  2                      16 total
Creamy Chicken Rice                                        3                      24 total
Morning Moo’s Milk Alternative                         3                      60 total

• Food for 4 people for 72 hours or 1 Person for 12 days
• Average of 2,203 calories per day
• Shelf life of up to 20 years unopened* -- Pouch shelf life of up to one year after opening pouch
• Food packaged in sealed pouches with oxygen absorbers or nitrogen flushed
• 176 servings
• Approximately 10.75 gallons of water to rehydrate kit


* Product good for up to 20 years when unopened.  Best when stored in a cool, dry and dark place at temperatures between 50°F and 70°F.  Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.

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