24" Expandable Baton

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Good Protection at a Great Price!

Sales of personal security products are at an all time high-our streets are just not safe anymore.
An expandable baton is a good way to "even up the odds" against an assailant.
When closed, it can easily be carried in a handbag, on a belt, etc.
When needed, simply hold by the grip and with a flick of the wrist, it instantly deploys to its full length ready to protect you against attackers-flesh and bone are no match for solid steel!

An unbelievable deal!

This baton is a super value at less than $10 ea! At this price, you'll want to get one for yourself and perhaps another for a family member or friend-makes an economical and thoughtful gift.
It's approximately 24" long when extended. All steel, with knurled grip.
Comes with a nylon sheath with belt loop. Order Yours Today!

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