About Us

At Survival Bucket Company we began with the goal of helping every type of person to be prepared.
In the event of Natural Disasters ( wildfires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes etc), Terroist attacks, Active shooter situations, Economic collapse or any other situation that sould arise.
We have on our staff former Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue and Paramedic Professionals, as well as Survivalist and preppers.
We believe in supplying you with quality gear at afforable prices. Our passion is in protection and we value your business and will always go the extra mile to provide you with top notch customer service.
You have our word that we stand behind our products.
Our goal is prepardness for EVERYONE.
No matter the age, experience or budget we cator to EVERYONE.
Weather your a "seasoned prepper", concerned citizen, Military professional or a Family. Here at Survival Bucket Company rest assured you will find all the essential gear you require to survive.
Please feel free to contact us wth any product questions.